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How It Works

Step by Step guideline on how you can earn with Rain Gold

RAIN Gold is a global and international investments company that is changing the way money is being saved and invested worldwide. With Rain Gold, you no longer have to worry about the way the banks are ripping off their customers, you have a system that can give you 5 times your investment or 8 times your investment in a very short while. Yes, we repeat, banks rip off their customers. Let's Look at this scenario. You save 500k in your savings account with any bank. At the end of the month you don't receive any profit or interest, all you get is SMS charges for the month, "card maintenance charges", account maintenance fees, and all sorts of meaningless fees. The 500,000 you saved must have reduced to 497,000 with all the debits. Now the next day, a businessman would approach your same bank and ask the bank for a loan of that same 500,000 for his business. The bank would give the businessman the loan and tell him to repay it with 30% interest. So the bank ends up making 150k profit from just one customer out of the millions they have and on your end, you lose money from fees with no interest paid to you at all. Now let us tell you this again,
Do you know that the money these banks give out to people as loan is the money you save in the bank? Why save your money in the bank for the bank to loan it out to someone and make profit from it while they debit you month end without any profit or interest? Does it even make sense?

With RAIN Gold you receive 5 times or 8 times of the amount you invest. For the small plans: If you invest 20k, you receive 20k x 5 = (100,000) in 1 hour 30 minutes. If you invest 40k, you will receive 40k x 5 = (200,000) in 1 hour 30 minutes. Now for the big plans, If you invest 80k, you will receive 80k x 8 = (640,000) in 1 hour. If you invest 100k, you will receive 100k x 8 = (800,000) in 1 hour.

For Nigerian Nationals, maximum investment is NGN100,000 for now, meaning that, you cannot invest more than 100k. Though in the nearest future, we will roll out more investment plans for people who are willing to invest higher amounts. But you can always come back and re-invest after we have paid you.
First Step Is To Register Your Investment Account

Click on the register button and fill in all your information, make sure you enter your bank details correctly to enable us pay you swiftly without any delay. Registration is FREE and it only takes a couple of minutes to complete the application process to start earning from this great program.

Second Step Is To Add Us On WhatsApp

After successful registration, add any of our Investment consultants on WhatsApp using any of these numbers +15402680577 or +15163660263. Copy the number as is with the plus sign and add to your contacts. Or you can click here and here to add our reps on WhatsApp easily.

Third Step Is To Select Your Investment Package

After adding any of our representatives on WhatsApp, engage them in a chat and they will give you all our investment plans we have available. Follow their steps and transfer the amount you wish to invest to the accounts they provide to you and relax while you watch the magic happen.

Fourth Step Is To Receive Your Profit

Once you have successfully transferred the investment amount to the accounts provided to you, all you need to do is to wait for 1 hour or 1 hour 30 minutes as your Cash will be flipped and you will receive your instant credit alert to the bank account you filled on our site during your registration.

Our Other Areas Of Specialty
Stock Market

RAIN Gold is also actively involved in the trading and investments of stocks and commodities.


We are also a pioneer cryptocurrency dealer, vendor, trader and market maker worldwide.

Gold Bars

We are the third licensed traders, suppliers, and dealers on Gold Bars in North America & the Middle East

Foreign Exchange

Forex is changing the world. We trade with sophisticated tools to control the markets and bend it to favour us.

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