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Testimonies from Rain Gold Members

These are just a few recent testimonies, there are still over a thousand other testimonies which would be available on our site soon.

    Testimony 1

  • Ekaette from Calabar, Cross River
  • "Hey all, let this serve as my letter of happiness! When I was introduced to Rain Gold, I was in full doubt until I tried with the lowest amount available to invest, with the feeling that my money would be stolen! Lo and Behold, I was paid in exactly 12 hours 33 minutes from the point I made my investment. Kudos to Rain Gold! I now have a means to take care of my kids as a single mother."

    Testimony 2

  • Osagie from Benin, Edo State
  • "There are too many 419 in my country Nigeria. Somebody referred me to Rain Gold, but I still did not believe it. Until last month that I needed money for my sister's hospital bill urgently, so I withdraw my last 20k in my account and did the investment plan of that amount. When I got the credit alert, I almost ran mad. Thanks to Rain Gold, my sister is steadily recovering at the hospital."

    Testimony 3

  • Dafe from Warri, Delta
  • "This program is too real. I don't have much to type or say. It was after I joined Rain Gold that my eyes open and I got to understand that leaving money in bank is stupidity while the bank trades with it. Its better you make your money work for you every minute or you invest in land! But letting it sleep inside bank so that bank will loan it out is plain foolishness, thanks to Rain Gold. Tiri gbosa for una!"

    Testimony 4

  • Muyiwa from Ikeja, Lagos
  • "Please and please, if anybody told me I will drive car in 2018, I would have called the person a liar. Honestly, anybody story can change anytime o. It was by chance that I discover this program while browsing online. I work at a Gadget and Laptop store in Computer Village Ikeja. Before God and Man, it was my oga money (100k) that I risk into this. I have already bought sniper to drink should I lose the money. In my 28 years in this life, I have learnt that life itself is a risk, so if you don't take risk, you will remain where you are. After trial, they paid me and I jejely keep my oga money back and use the profit to buy Nigerian used Honda Baby Boy from a friend. Big ups to Rain Gold jo!"

    Testimony 5

  • Uche from Owerri, Imo
  • "This business is better than Yahoo. Honestly, Yahoo cannot even pay you like this. Biko I'm a Rain Gold member till I die. I have been able to raise money to further my education! If I HIT big again, I will proceed with applying for visa to leave this country."

    Testimony 6

  • Usman from Potiskum, Yobe
  • "I am a farmer in Yobe State Nigeria, my 19 year old son told me about this, I scolded him and made him remember that he made me lose 400k in MMM. He assured me that this was different and his course mates in Ahmadu Bello University Zaria are fully into it since 2016 and they didn't tell him, but he got to find out while going through a phone of his friend. He said his course mates have been hiding it from him because they didn't want the business exposed and they felt that his father was a wealthy businessman and he didn't need such business. But hello, everyone always needs extra source of income every now and then. Because of this fact, I agreed to join, but made my son clear that this money I am putting in is his allowance for the next 3 months! So I put in 80k without any fear and we waited patiently for the pay out hour, surprisingly, the alert of (400k) came in. I had to go to my bank and withdraw all the money to ensure that it was real and not fake money paid to us. I and my son are still in shock. Rain Gold is real."

    Testimony 7

  • Ndifreke from Uyo, Akwa Ibom
  • "First of all, I will like to say this in my native dialect. "Abasi ke akama owo esie"! That is what my late father say to us his children while growing up which means. "God is taking care of his people"! I prayed and fasted for 3 days before putting my hard earned money into this program. I was in tears when my God did not forsake me and I saw my alert. My late father was a pastor here in Uyo before his demise, I said in my prayers, that my father helped a lot of people while he was alive, he fed the sick, rehabilitated ex prisoners, housed the homeless. So on that ground, I his son will only find favour in what I put my hand into. I tried Rain Gold and found favour in it! God be praised. A business that will make you smile, a business that will give you peace of mind, I call it Rain Gold Investments"

    Testimony 8

  • Adenike from Mowe, Ogun State
  • "I am Nike from Ogun state, and this is the first time I am doing any online business. In fact, I am an Ijebu woman and before I part with my money, its very hard. I am into frozen foods business for over 10 years, but suddenly since 2016, I don't know what the enemy did to me, my business start failing and I am a single mother of 4 children with the eldest in U.I. Since my business stop moving, feeding was not our problem, because I had always calculated well and reserved little money for food because of rainy days. The main problem we had was our house rent issue, we had been giving quick notice by our landlord and he promised to throw us out on the streets by August ending if we don't pay. But something happened around middle of August! I entered a bus from Ijebu Ode going to Shagamu and while in the middle of our journey, a man picked up a call and was telling someone with a very happy voice that they just paid him on the Rain Gold, that this is the best business he has put hand into this year. Normally, I don't do amebo, I mind my own business, but the financial issue and the thought of my kids and I been thrown out made me ask him after he dropped the call. You won't believe that this man ignored me and didn't tell me anything. He gave me the look of, please don't come and put sand inside my garri. Anyway, I went home with the thought of "which business is this" in my mind from morning till night. I am not good with computer or browsing, I just know how to use WhatsApp that my children download for me, so I called my son in school to help me research Rain Gold. We were very determined, it was around 8pm on August 15 that my son call me from school, "Mummy I have seen their site o" I shouted and started singing, ese o baba, ese o baba. But he told me to calm down first, how am I sure if this site is real. I told him the story behind it and we both decided to try it out with 20k, the smallest plan. My son register with his details and account number, and I sent him the money to invest. He was still in full doubt, but I was very hopeful with faith. After exactly 12 hour 47 minutes of our payment to Rain Gold. My son called me and shouted. "Mummy, mo ti ri ooo" (I have seen it). I replied, "Ri kini?" He said, "Mummy, mo ti ri alert". We started singing songs and praises. The next day, we didn't think twice before we went for the highest plan. (100k to earn 500k). Rain Gold is real. In fact, it saved me and my family from shame. We moved to a better apartment in Mowe, before the deadline of quick notice, the look on the landlords face while we were moving still gives me joy till today. I have also used Rain Gold as a means to revive my frozen foods business. My joy is endless."

    Testimony 9

  • Maryam from Iyana Ipaja, Lagos
  • "I lost exactly 400k in MMM 2 years ago, funny thing is that I have earned exactly that same amount from Rain Gold. Its like Baba God wanted to use this platform to compensate me. Honestly, I am contented. And to whoever is the founder of Rain Gold. Thanks for making this platform a real one."

    Testimony 10

  • Amaka from Awka, Anambra State
  • "I am a petty trader here in Awka, my husband is a commercial bus driver and we have 3 children. I have always tried to support my husband and the family in any little way I can because he tries his best for us. He is most times not around, he is always hustling under the sun to provide for us. I attended a woman empowerment program here in Awka a few weeks ago to learn a new skill. They talked about several businesses like bag making, selling of hair, liquid soap production and several others. Then before the closing of the program, a woman stood up and asked for permission from the organizers to introduce a particular business to the crowd. When she started talking, everybody was amazed, some people were shouting that, "could this be real", that "how come they are just hearing about it for the first time"! Until this woman shook hand inside bag and bring out her phone, open her messages and started showing us credit alert she is receiving everyday. In short, everyone was dumbfounded including the program organizers. The woman was given audience and told to come to the podium to speak about this. She took the microphone and started talking about one RAIN GOLD investment program. That you put in an amount of money and then collect the profit within a few hours. Many were still in doubt, some believed it, in fact, it caused big noise and argument inside hall. That was how I got to know about Rain Gold. After the program, many of us collect the woman's number and I call her 2 days later for better guidance and assurance. She assured me again and help me in my registration, and told me to add the agents on WhatsApp to follow up. I put in 20,000 naira on the 11th of September and before God and man, when I see my profit alert, I turned to mad woman. I kept on screaming in my shop. I was so happy. When my husband came back from work that night, I don't need to tell you how his reaction was, in fact, that was the best night in our family. I cooked delicious ofe nsala for him and my children that night, well garnished. Everybody slept happy and fulfilled. I thank Rain Gold for putting a smile on my family's face once again."

    Testimony 11

  • Udeh from Amukoko, Lagos
  • "I just finished serving my master as boy boy and came from township to Lagos to try and get shop and establish. My master settled me, but truth is that the money he gave me would really not be enough for me to startup on my own. So its just there sleeping in my bank account with no plans yet. Many people have come forward to meet me to tell me about how to double the money. But from their ways, I don't believe them as a core Onitsha boy. The way I stumbled on this Rain Gold, I can't even remember, but something about this program draw my attention and my spirit just felt at ease with this one that I decided to take the risk. I saw all their plans but one thing I have learnt in business is to always start from small to test something first before entering with big money, so I decided to go for the smallest plan, and if they deliver I will invest higher. So on the 3rd of July, I went to ACCESS bank in festac to pledge my investment into the account they gave me and I send them every necessary things on their WhatsApp, then I entered bus going to Jibowu, Yaba side to board a luxurious bus going to east. I wanted to urgently see one of my friends who just recently got settled by his own oga so we can plan our lives, there was serious hold up as we embarked on our journey, and we were on the road for over 11 hours, you wont believe that it was inside bus that I receive my alert when we were just arriving Benin Bypass. This people prove to me that there are still trustworthy people in this world and not everything you see is scam. Some might just be real, but your past experience will make you look at it like scam or doubt it, that is the devil trying to make you lose your blessing. Thanks to Rain Gold for this platform, with this investment scheme, I will surely triple my settlement money and establish a big electrical shop in Alaba Market. I am happy. "

    Testimony 12

  • Naomi from Unilag, Lagos
  • "I am a 300 level student of the University of Lagos. For the past few months I have not been asking my parents for pocket money again since I discovered Rain Gold. My mumcy was even asking me funny question, that hope I have not started following sugar daddy or one thing like that, this one that I am now using big phone. Loool! I can't wait for next 2 weeks, when I am planning to invest again, I will use the profit to buy her that designers hand bag she has always wanted. Let me see the reaction on her face, whether she will not collect it. Thanks to Rain Gold oooo"

    Testimony 13

  • Pela from Yaba, Lagos
  • "I just came out from Prison 2 months ago and I have been trying to restart life. I was wrongly arrested by police and was in detention first in police station for 3 weeks, before I was moved with other criminals to kirikiri for a crime I did not comit or know anything about. I was locked up for over 1 year for doing nothing. Just being at the wrong place at the right time. There was no case or evidence against me, and if not for the human rights lawyer that fought for me and others wrongly arrested, I would still be locked up by now. Since I got out, I have been so confused and don't know where to start from again. I have been really depressed until I got information about this program. I did not even have money to invest, I had to take a little loan from the pastor that has been helping me since I came out from prison. I was hoping within me that this program should not be a scam because if I lost the money, I will be back to square one. I tried out rain gold, and they did not disappoint at all. With the money I am making from this, I have been able to startup a recharge card business here in Yaba. Things are already looking up for me small small."

    Testimony 14

  • Ibama from Port Harcourt, Rivers
  • "I am a graduate of Ken Saro Wiwa Polytechnic in Rivers State and I have been idle for a while, so a cousin of mine advise me to start driving job, that there are some big men that pay their drivers up to 50k per month. I took the advice and enrolled in a driving school since I did not know how to drive. After I finished learning how to drive, the owner of the driving school approached me and offered me a job, a driving instructor job and I was to earn N4000 daily. When I resumed, he did not keep to his word and I did not receive any payment in my first 6 months of working with him. I did not understand this man at all because he was the one that offered me the job in the first place and now he does not want to pay me. I liked the job that's why I never really thought much about resigning, even though there would be days I'd make up my mind to resign the following morning but something always happens that keeps me going, hoping my time would eventually come. And really, it was better than staying at home idle doing nothing. After the 6th month of working with this man, he started paying me 1,000 naira everyday and honestly I could not continue living like this. The 50k driving work that my cousin used to ginger me to learn driving, I never see that one too, its like everybody already have driver and no one is hiring again. The 1k the man was paying me could not meet all my needs daily and I am the first born of the family with many younger siblings looking up to me. I cannot count the times I attempted suicide, because everybody was bugging me here and there as my parents were very poor too. Then the breakthrough came for me! it was on the early morning of September 4, I resumed work and a young guy of about my age or a few years older than me came to learn how to drive in our shop, he filled the forms and paid the training fee. Then I started training him. About 2 hours into our training, we started discussing, because he was enjoying the way I was taking my time to train him to understand so he felt at home in my presence. Then he told me he just bought a tokunbo Honda accord last 3 weeks and he has not started driving it yet because he does not know how to drive, but though he has registered it. One thing led to another thing, and this guy told me that he is into one secret online program, and he would change my life today by revealing it to me, because he is impressed with the way I am hustling and taking my time to train customers to understand and he likes the way I am devoted with my job. He told me about the site called and said it was money he made from there that he used to by his new car. You see how my life changed? After work that day, I went home happy and reloaded my MB so I can browse the site to check it out. After I went to their site, I was highly impressed and I said to myself "so this kind of thing has been existing in this world and I know no". Honestly, to have connection is good. I registered and saw their investment plans and luckily for me, they had a plan of 25k to get a profit of 100k which I was very interested in. From the 1k I was being paid daily at work, I was able to save about 27,000 the previous month, so I removed 25k from there to try out this program. The rest is history. Rain Gold turned my life around and uplifted me from a beggar to a master. I quit the driving instructor job I was doing and I have been living comfortable ever since. And for the bros that showed me this platform, may your descendants never beg for food, and may whatever you touch turn to gold! YOU SAVED MY LIFE."

    Testimony 15

  • Peter from Nyanya, Abuja
  • "My story is quite long, but I would try and cut it short, I am a man of 45 years and I have not married. I have been very depressed and unhappy as my life have no meaning, because I have no money to do wedding. I used to be rich before, but my life shattered due to bad decisions I made and not following the advise of elders who were wiser than me. It all started in 1999 when I finished from the University of Abuja, my people had advised me to settle down, marry and find a job, but I was so eager to travel out of the country. When elders talk to you, it is now left for you to take their advise or ignore it, as they can't force you. I heard what everyone said, but my mind was already made up that I wanted to travel out. I secured a visa and sold some of my belongings for flight ticket and then I embarked on a journey to USA using a visit visa which was supposed to expire in 2 months. After I landed in USA, I thought I had arrived, not knowing that things were more difficult than Nigeria my home country. The friend that was accommodating me, only took me in for 4 months and then he made it clear to me, that I had to get a job and join in the paying of rent. Truly, I was confused, I did not plan it to be like this. Anyway, I started the job search and no company wanted to hire me with my Nigerian degree. They were looking at my certificate like it is tissue paper. Months passed, and the only job I could find was a security guard to a supermarket where they were paying me about $350 per month. $350 then was about 52,500 in naira using 150 as exchange rate. Honestly, this money was nothing, because, tax would still be deducted from your pay, and there were several other bills to pay. And rent here was also paid monthly not yearly like in Nigeria. My initial plan of coming to the USA was to come and make good money here, marry a white woman and become a citizen, then come back home as an American citizen and I can marry any other girl of my choice, but honestly nothing went as I planned. To make money here is very difficult, even the American people are looking for jobs, talk more of we outsiders. And which white woman will marry me when I do not have money. The Nigerians making money here were mostly those who were into drugs or fraud, and I did not have mind to do that. 5 years passed and I was still working as a security guard with nothing to show for it and nothing to send home to my people, such a shame I was. In 2005, I promised that if I don't get a better job this year, I would join the fellow Nigerians and do the drugs business with the black Americans. So in November 2005 I met with some gangs through a friend and they gave me heroine to supply to clubs around New York. My job role was to be a supplier, and things started going well for me, I started making good money and started living well, I also started sending money for my people back in Nigeria. Bear in mind that I came to US on a visiting VISA and my VISA expired shortly after my coming in 1999 as it was a 2 months visa, so more or less, I was an illegal immigrant in the US, and that was a serious offence and I was always on the run from immigration. This and several other complicated issues affected me greatly and I was not able to marry a citizen to get proper documentation. Anyway, I did drugs supply from 2005 to 2010 and unfortunately for me, on the 3rd of January 2011, I was arrested by the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and sentenced to 7 years in prison. All my properties here in the US that I acquired from drug dealing were seized from me and confiscated, I was made to forfeit everything to the US govt. I came out of prison in February 2018 and I was deported back to Nigeria. It was such a shame when I called my people to come pick me up from the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport Abuja, I left in 1999 and many kids in our family were already grown and have been hearing about their big uncle in the USA. My mode of return was such a disgrace and shame as I came back with nothing. No money, no wife, no kids. My only hope was some money that I sent to one of my brothers while my drug dealing business was flourishing here in the US to buy some lands for me. My plan was to sells the lands and restart life in Nigeria. But when I came back, I met another devastating story from my brother on how he bought the lands from the wrong people and ended up getting scammed off the money. The story which I clearly did not believe, but what would I do if not just to shout and shout and then close my mouth? It was so sad. I was back to square one and all the elders in the family who advised me against travelling out in 1999 were all here to make matters worst by saying things like "Did I not tell you" ..."I said it" ..."You see what I was saying, I warned you". This were the same people who I sent money to when I was flourishing and they collected, chop and clean mouth. Now everyone turned against me and were saying hurtful statements here and there. Since I came back in 2018, I have been idle and living from hand to mouth, nothing to do. No hope or plans. Life had no meaning to me, until June 16, I paid a visit to my project supervisor when I was in University. We were very close then, so I thought I could get a little help from her. She was retired now and was now running her own private business, a secondary school. When I met her in her office. We catch up on old times and she said she does not really have much monetary assistance to give me, but she can tell me about a program that would be beneficial to me. She said it was rain gold. I asked her if this was sure and she just told me to try it out, that I would call her in some few days. I visited rain gold site and followed all the steps and did the plan of 40k to trade and make 200k. Like play, like play, I received my alert and I almost naked myself on the street. I immediately called the woman to thank her and she just laughed and said "I told you". I have been active and doing rain gold since then and I have made and saved a lot of money from it. My wedding is coming up in December. All Rain Gold members are invited. This is great."

    Testimony 16

  • Ebi from Gbagada, Lagos
  • "I am a widow. I had a ghastly accident last year so I have been confined to a wheel chair ever since. My treatment and recovery is still ongoing as I have not fully recovered from the wounds, even the trauma it caused and psychological issues. God help me. I miss work honestly, I miss the way I use to hustle, the way I wake up every morning with a purpose driven life and plan my day on how to hustle and make money for the family. I used to work as a clearing agent, and it’s a hustle that needs up and down movement. But since my tragedy, my life had not been the same. I cannot move around anymore. Life has no meaning again. It’s no longer sweet as it used to be before. I hate that people have to push me around now. I hate that I have to depend on people for everything since I became handicapped. I hate that I can no longer wake up in the morning and go out to hustle for my children. I hate that my children are sad because of my new situation. I hate that they have to leave their own activities to take care of my situation. I miss queuing up for BRT buses every day to and from work as I used to before. I miss my colleagues. I miss making money. This situation took my life to a whole new pitiful dimension. But I’m a core believer of “When there is life, there is hope”. I’m not the lazy type and even in staying at home, I needed something doing. Maybe a work from home business or open a small shop at home and sell things that people in our street could buy. I still wanted to fend for my kids, provide for them. I did not want my new situation to make me become a write-off or vegetable. So I started thinking and planning. Buying and selling was a good business but the money to open a small shop at home was not there, neither was there money to buy the goods that I will sell in the shop. I used to have little money. At least, I was average and making average money as a clearing agent. But all the money was sunk into and wasted in my medical bills and treatment when we thought there was still hope for me to walk again. I prayed for a miracle, I really needed one at this point and truly the miracle came. An old friend of mine came to see me in May this year and after we talked for long, she told me about Rain Gold Investment Business. With the little money I had, I tried it out with trust and based on her recommendation. And it turned out to be a huge success! I have been doing it ever since and been generating good money from it. I love the fact that I have something doing now, I love that I have a purpose again, I love that I belong to a community now, with all members like my brothers and sisters. More importantly, I love that I’m making good money from it. With the money I’ve been raising and saving from Rain Gold, I have hope for a better treatment possibility and therapy. India is on my mind right now."

    Testimony 17

  • Mercy from Makurdi, Benue
  • "I finished from a government secondary school here in Makurdi 3 years ago. I have always wanted to live a happy life. I’m tired of living a poor life. Immediately after secondary school, I knew there was no hope for me, so I started hawking pure water. My mother sells roasted yam on the roadside and my father is jobless. I have been trying to save money for university but nothing is working. I’ve left home three different times to find job. The first time I found a job as a house help. But every morning when I am dressing, my oga would touch me and try to take advantage of me. He wouldn’t even stop when I threatened to tell his wife. His wife blamed me for everything and said I was seducing her husband. She beat me several times. There were wounds all over my body. She didn’t even allow me to eat sometimes. But I tried to stay because I wanted to go to school so badly. Then one morning he tried to rape me when I was taking my bath, and I finally ran away. When I found a new job in another house, the same thing happened. This time it was a pastor. So a few weeks ago I decided to quit house help job and saw a vacancy for the job of a cleaner. It was a hotel and I hoped that this one would turn out good. But they just sacked me for speaking to the visitors. I don’t know why this always happens to me. It makes me so angry. Sometimes I blame my parents for being poor. I get jealous of my friends who are in university already. When I see their pictures on Facebook, I just start crying. I’m already twenty years old and I have still not entered. I should be finishing school by now, but I haven’t even started yet. My dads younger brother always tells me everything has it’s own time and I believe that hopefully my time will come too. I came about Rain Gold while browsing online yesterday and I noticed that the lowest plan was 20k. All the money I have to myself in this world is 11k. So I borrowed money from a friend (9k) to add to what I have so I can try it out. My friend talked me out of it and said that these people were not real. I asked her how are they not real, that I have seen several testimonies and comments? not knowing that even me too will be testifying soon. My friend said her reason is that she regards anything online as fake. But even with the words of discouragement from my friend, I still had the faith to try it out. So I put in the 20k yesterday and the devil was shamed. Rain Gold paid me. I refund my friend her 9k immediately and she was shocked. With Rain Gold now, I have hope for a better tomorrow."

    Testimony 18

  • Odion from Ibeju Lekki, Lagos
  • "I am the CEO of a real estate company here in Lagos. We sell lands in estates and also build houses for people. I'm doing quite well for myself. I have always wanted an additional source of income as a business man. Though I have two sources of income already, but from what I have learnt in my years in business, multiple income streams is ideal and the best bet for any one who doesn't want to be caught in recession at any given time. You don't know tomorrow, the business giving you money today may pack up at any time, so having 2 or 3 other means to generate you money is highly required. Based on this ideology of mine, I started searching for other easy but profitable means to generate good money from the comfort of my home or office. I came across several business but I did not really like them because they all had one thing or something that made it unattractive to me. But when I saw Rain Gold program, I was highly impressed and attracted to it. In fact I fell in love with their business plan. I had in mind to invest 700k into it, but I saw that for now they made the maximum investment amount to be N100,000 for Nigerians. Still no problem, I invested that and within 12 hours, I got a credit alert that my account has been credited with N500,000! I love this business and my wife too have joined to do her own. I also plan on investing today again."

    Testimony 19

  • Banji from Ibadan, Oyo
  • "I am business man and money is not really my problem, but I had some issues with my bank in September and they froze my bank account, the case is still in court and the possible time of my account getting unfrozen is by January 2019 because that is when the judge is passing judgement. Since my account got frozen, things have been difficult for my family as the bulk of my money was in that account. The major problem started when my daughter reminded me of her convocation ceremony coming up in November and being my first daughter, I had to celebrate it in grand style for her as she graduated with a first class and I had promised her of a big celebration years back. I became devastated and confused since I did not have access to my money. I quickly called my brother and asked if he could give me a loan of 400k. Everything ended in story story. The convocation was in a weeks time and I could not disappoint my daughter. So out of desperation I started searching google for quick ways to make money online within one week. That was how I stumbled on Rain Gold's website. Honestly, I don't actually believe all these money doubling schemes, but due to my desperation and urgent need for money, I decided to give them a trial. I felt a little safe after I saw numerous comments and testimonies from people who have tried it in the past. So I called back my brother and asked him to give me a loan of 100k if he can't give me 400k. He sent me the money and I put it into rain gold. My heart was beating very fast hours after paying the money to them. When any text message enters my phone, I quickly rush to check if its credit alert. It would later turn out to be all these rubbish MTN messages. I started sweating and put my phone in silent before I get heart attack from anxiety. Then I slept off for about 13 hours. When I woke up, I picked up my phone to check the time and I saw 3 unread messages on my phone. At the back of my mind, I was expecting them to be those rubbish MTN messages again, so I started opening them one by one. The first message was from MTN, the second message was from my son and the third message was credit alert from Rain Gold. I collapsed on the bed with happiness. I returned 100k to my brother and then I started planning the celebration party for my daughter. In fact, it was not just my daughters convocation we were planning to celebrate again, we were also celebrating my success with Rain Gold Investments. It was such an awesome experience."

    Testimony 20

  • Hassan from Keffi, Nasarawa
  • "If I did not stumble on Rain Gold Program, by now I would be serving as a gate man somewhere in Abuja as that was my initial plan since there was no better work for me to do. I am not even computer literate but I am able to do this biz since its easy. I always send my proof of payment to their email after any payment through the help of a cyber cafe in my area. I thank Rain Gold for saving me from being a security guard by giving me a platform to make clean money. Long live this great program."
First Step Is To Register Your Investment Account

Click on the register button and fill in all your information, make sure you enter your bank details correctly to enable us pay you swiftly without any delay. Registration is FREE and it only takes a couple of minutes to complete the application process to join this great program. At registration you will see the option to select your investment plan, which is the amount you wish to be investing. But you can change the plan at any given time.

Second Step Is To Pay Your Investment Amount

After successful registration, simply make a transfer or deposit of the amount you wish to invest to our official company account. You can make a mobile banking transfer, internet banking transfer, USSD transfer, ATM transfer, POS transfer, Bank Deposit etc. For Americans, Bank of America Corporation account number 000214680753 and For Nigerians, ACCESS Bank Plc account number 0785344344.

Third Step Is Submission Of Your Proof Of Payment

After your payment, send us your proof of payment in order for us to confirm your order. This can be a screenshot of your successful transfer, a mobile banking transaction receipt, a debit alert. For those that deposited at the bank, snap the teller and send to us. You can send us your proof of payment to our official email or via the WhatsApp messaging platform using our WhatsApp customer service line +15402680577 or Click here to send.

Fourth Step Is Trading & Payment Of Your Profit

We will review your payment and all information you have submitted to us then your order will be confirmed as complete. We will profile you and schedule your account to receive the investment profit in the promised time frame depending on your investment plan. Your investment amount would be traded with and you’ll receive the alert of the promised interest percentage in your bank account you put while registering in 12 hours or 12 hour 30 minutes.

Our Other Areas Of Specialty
Stock Market

RAIN Gold is also actively involved in the trading and investments of stocks and commodities.


We are also a pioneer cryptocurrency dealer, vendor, trader and market maker worldwide.

Gold Bars

We are the third licensed traders, suppliers, and dealers on Gold Bars in North America & the Middle East

Foreign Exchange

Forex is changing the world. We trade with sophisticated tools to control the markets and bend it to favour us.

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